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At the Elite Group, our sole core focus is customer satisfaction. We have the skills and expertise to help you find the right Creative Design & Packaging Solution for your business to suit your budget, specification and timescales.

Elite Creative Design focuses on all your Design Solutions, Exhibition & Events organising

Elite Creative Packaging focuses on all your Bespoke Paper & Environmental Packaging, Print Management & Corporate Merchandise


What we stand for:
Value ... Lower costs, lower overheads
Solutions ... Managing all your requirements on a ‘One Stop’ basis
Expertise … Senior level contact throughout, 25 years
Knowledge … International manufacturing, import control


With over 25 years’ experience in the advertising, design and print industry in bespoke packaging, we provide branded solutions for blue chip companies around the world. Elite Group is known for its international manufacturing, import and export control, ethical trading policies, factory control, logistics and 100% passion.

We have supported and produced for a variety of different industry sectors with our luxury products, and pride ourselves on customer loyalty. As well as our packaging, we also produce a wide variety of a comprehensive range of supplementary branded merchandise and print management solutions, so we can manage all your business needs under one roof.

Maybe call us old fashioned, but our core focus is to maintain a high level of quality of deliverables, and provide a personable, loyal, professional and reliable level of account management to our good client base.

The answer is simple. Because we really care about what we do and we have the experience and know how to deliver a high quality product tendered to your needs.

Your Brand has to be correct as it’s your shop window which will ultimately reflect your brand identity. We value that with a dedication.

We know by using a fully integrated Design and Packaging Manufacturing Solutions you will profit from our benefits below.

Key Benefits:

  • Years of Design and Packaging experience
  • International Procurement and Logistics experience
  • One Stop Solution from your design to the delivery of your end product (NO Middle Man)
  • Direct purchasing allowing for competitive costs overall
  • Hong Kong production operation allowing for control over quality and costs

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