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polythene bags
LDPE Polythene Bags

Machine Made

Our machine made LDPE Polythene carrier bags range in weight from 30mu to 90mu Polythene material can be pantone matched in colour or use a standard white base colour, Frosted finish is also a popular finish for our LDPE shopping polythene bags.  The bags can also be printed with a 100% coverage. Although the LDPE Polythene film is from a virgin polymer, we are able to add an EPI additive to increase its biodegradability. we are able to add an EPI additive to increase its biodegradability.  Essentially EPI’s TDPA provides a way to make conventional plastics degradable, and ultimately biodegradable, within a reasonable time-frame. TDPA is added in small quantities (typically 2-3%) to the conventional plastic during the manufacturing process and allows totally degraded plastic products such as polyethylene carrier bags to biodegrade within 24 - 36 months, when disposed of in an appropriate environment.

The LDPE Polythene carrier bags are machine made in either our Far East or UK Operation, and can have a die cut, Vest Style or flexi loop handle. Alternatively for a more luxury finish the LDPE polythene carrier bags can be completed with rope handles to give it a boutique bag style feel. The LDPE polythene carrier bags can also be made into a duffle style bag with rope handles which are ideal for the sport industry.

The bags are flexo printed, but we also have the facility for process printing for more graphically complex designs. Our Asia operation: We process print using Roto-Gravure up to 8 colours

Industry sectors which use our machine made LDPE polythene carrier bags include the retail sector and fashion industry, food and drink industry (such as coffee shops and sandwich bars), conference and events and sporting industry.

The minimum order is from just 5000pcs and the lead-time 10/12 weeks from approved artwork from our Far East Operation and 4 weeks from our UK operation.






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