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Polythene Bags

Introducing our HDPE & LDPE Polythene range of bags. From here you are able to view from our main headings the different styles and types of packaging available to you. All our products are 100% bespoke manufactured to your specification, with our experience to assist you along the way.

Polythene bags consist of 2 major types made from a range of materials: HDPE & LDPE polythene bags. From here you can view our extensive image gallery and choose which product most suits you.

The finishing gallery is also available to you along with a visual aid chart that helps you understand the price value of the products to their carbon footprint reviews.

Our machine made HDPE polythene carrier bags range in weight from 30mu to 90mu. HDPE polythene material can be pantone matched in colour or use a standard white base colour, Frosted finish is also a popular finish for our HDPE shopping polythene bags. The bags can also be printed...
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The LDPE polythene carrier bags are machine made in either our Far East or UK operation, and can have a die cut, vest style or flexi loop handle with a 100% printed coverage. LDPE polythene film is from a virgin polymer, we are able to add an EPI additive to increase its biodegradability...
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